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Products & Services

Richards Scale has wide selection of scale accessories.  You can purchase our products or we can design new ones for your company with your logo and part number. Looking for something you do not find just call and ask us. Thanks for your interest in Richards Scale. 

Richards has 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cell junction boxes. Excitation trim, signal trim and with section trim.  Some with transient protection. Just click “Junction Cards ” above to find out more. 

Richards has .8 inch 1 inch and 2.3 inch remote displays. We have LED and LCD remote displays. Just click "Remote Displays" above to find out more

Richards has four models of load cell simulators. From simple to high end ones.  Just click “Simulators” above to find out more.

Splice kits, you never know when you will need one. Richards has several to chose from. Just click “Splice Kits” above to find out more.

Richards has several models of transient protection. We have protection for load cells and for AC protection.  Just click “Transient Protection” above to find out more.

Richards has 4-20 ma and BCD convertors for scales.  We also have serial convertors and auxiliary power supply.  Just click “Signal Processors” above to find out more.

Richards Scale is your Explosion Proof experts. We have scale indicators, remote display, and barrier sets for hazard areas.  Just click “Explosion Proof” above to find out more.

Richards Scales has relays, custom cables, custom batching products and more. Just click “Other Products” above to find out more.

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